This week i would be introducing Sony Ericsson C905. This is an slider phone with 2 colour to choose from. The weight of this phone is 136g. This phone use M2 memory card with 160MB internal memory. The main feature of this cell phone is it camera. It has 8MP, 3264×2448 pixels with auto focus. This is very impressive considering a small phone with 8MP. Other feature are built in FM radio, built in GPS receiver and many more.



Every Week I would be introducing a cell phone. This week i would introduce Sony Ericsson W760i. This is a slider phone with a varity of colour to choose from. This phone is great for storing music. It has a uniqe function which when you shake the phone it change track. If you are lost and you don’t have a map no need to panic!!! There is a built in GPS which will let you know excatly where is your loacation.


Technology is all around us and plays a major role in our everyday life. I think the most important technology that  we must have is a cell phone. I can garrentee you that everyone in the world own a cell phone.